Work Done – Health




HEALTH (RHC also known as Chakswari Hospital)


Installed a new electric generator (inclusive of maintenance
and the supply of diesel)

Provided three electric water cooling fans

Installed three electric meters

Installed a new Dentist Chair and Water Filters

Water Supply Improvement:

New water supply connection, pipes and fittings provided
along with repairs to the old water tank

Provided a new electric motor to pump water from a ground level water tank

Supplied 80 meters plastic water pipe

Ambulance Service:

Paid for the engine service

Repairs to ambulance cabin and fitting of new tyres

Buildings Repairs:

Provision of a New TB Centre, two dilapidated rooms next to
the main gate are refurbished for this purpose

Staff quarters electrical repairs and the supply of new furniture

Repair the surrounding wall

Addition of a small rose garden in front of the main entrance

Electrical repairs, painting of rooms, toilet repair for the Maternity Unit

Supply of the Hospital Furniture & Equipment:

Blood pressure checking monitors

A cupboard for the safe keeping of emergency medicine in A&E room

Drip stands in male and female wards

Maternity Unit supplied with a table and sterilizing equipment

Two new office chairs for the doctors and four wooden benches

Repair of seven chairs belonging to the Maternity Unit

For the Local Health Unit supply of three new chairs

Two new beds for the staff quarter

Medicine Supplies:

Set up the ongoing supply of medicine to poor patients free
of charge

Set up the on going supply of rabies injections

Provided A&E room sterilizing unit, oxygen supply units, injections and
medicine needed in an emergency.

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