Girls Schools & College and other community schools

Chakswari Girls School & College

Built a classroom (25 feet x 40 feet) (Chakswari Girls
College)Repaired classrooms, doors and windows (Chakswari Girls College)

Supplied ten new chairs and tables, two pedestal fans, three steel doors.

Paid for the “Free Summer Camp” during the school holidays (15 June to 31 July
2010) (to help improve the educational standard of the science students (35
girls attended the classes)


Girls Model High School Tangdave

50 new desks and 4 class room tables

Course books and Note books supplied to 50 poor children

Refurbishment of two class rooms

Two wooded cupboards for the science room

Boys Middle School Adh-Palahi (Lidder)

A new computer and a printer

Five class room tables

Five white boards for the class rooms (supplied and fitted)

Repair of ten office chairs
Girls Primary School Adh-Palahi (Lidder)
Supplied electric wiring for the class rooms, ceiling fans,
new toilet facilities

Boys Primary School Mora-Tihall

Building of a new class room inc, two toilets and a water

Girls Model High School Boha
A new water cooler, electrical rewiring and a stabilizer

Boys High School Boha
20 new class room desks

Girls High School Hamidabad
20 new class room desks

Girls Model High School Rarra
12 new office chairs

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