The Institute Of Mind Power – Chakswari – Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

A great honour for the people of Chakswari was the declaration/founding of I.M.P (Institute Of Mind Power), by the chairman of the Uspar Trust Ch Mohammed Haroon.




Its purpose is to help the people of Chakswari to achieve their dreams in education, health, jobs, social, political and family matters. The mission has always been “Chakswari First”. Mind power is the thought power which is the seat of one’s positive mental attitude, vision and visualization. Uspar Trust is planning to host seminars and workshops to promote the objects of the IMP.

The topics covered during these seminars will be as fallows:

Positive Mental Attitude, Relaxation, Visualization and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

From this forum I wish you to have a wonderful life. Let us make a start.

Can I help? Rather, I can help, free of charge, I am a visible helper backed by invisible helpers. Know the secret, if you are ready, if you are a seeker then the job is easy. Know your self but the strange thing is what ever you need to know is already in you; you are not aware of it.

Whatever you’re looking for can only be found inside of you.

You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck!

Everything in the universe is within you.

More to follow soon..

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