Future Projects

College Hall (for the Degree College for Girls (Chakswari) (Cost £38000)

The girls’ college hall was badly damaged during 2005 Kashmir earthquake. A structural engineer was with us on the last trip and deemed the hall unfit for purpose in its current state. Ideally it needs demolishing and rebuilding to a standard so that can resist earthquakes. This will cost roughly £18000. Against our advice the hall is still being used as they have nowhere else within that locality and events are still held in this hall. There is a problem with water leaking through the roof whenever it rains. The hall was built 40 years ago and is a major priority for Uspar as it poses the greatest threat to our beneficiaries.

School bus project (Cost £35000)

Approximately 30% of the teaching staff for Chakswari schools and colleges live with in the close vicinity. The other 70% of the teaching staff come from the main city (Mirpur) which is 30 miles away from Chakswari.

There is a dire need for a school bus for the following reasons:
1) The public transport used at the present time charges very high fares.
2) The teachers’ salaries are very low and there is no travel allowance.
3) The public transport is very unreliable and rarely turns up on time.
4) The teachers have to make their own way to the bus station every morning and the drop off points are a few miles away from their places of work. Because of this they have to walk no matter what ever the weather conditions.
5) There are many students, who attend these schools and colleges and who live en route. They will also benefit from this facility.

Water supply project (Set up Cost £12,500)

The current water supply system for the Rural Health Centre (RHC) is totally unreliable. The water is supplied by two independent suppliers and both are ill managed. In the summer months when water demand is at its highest, there is no water for weeks. The trustees are of the opinion that the old dilapidated system must be replaced by the RHC’s own new water well.

Accident and Emergency Centre (Set up Cost £4500)

The existing A&E unit in Chakswari Rural Health Centre (Mirpur) was set up approximately 50 years ago. It consists of a very small room, a wooden bench and inadequate supply of bandages and an old sterilizing unit (which has been repaired twice by Uspar). The existing facilities are totally insufficient and the local government budget could only supply basics like staff, medicine and bandages etc. we have been given a bigger room which will be refurbished and fully equipped new A&E Centre to meet the present day needs.

Books for the College Library: (Cost £5000)

The request made by the boys’ college principal to Uspar for the supply of books enlists books in the Urdu, English and Arabic languages. These books will be covering various subjects taught in the college, e.g. sciences, arts, physical education, environmental health, information technology, religious studies, etc). There are also books for general knowledge, poetry, Arabic studies, novels (fiction & non fiction) and encyclopaedias for more extra-curricular reading.

Class Room chairs: (Cost £6500)

The Boys Degree College has been supplied with 300 chairs costing £4000. They need at least 100 more chairs. The boys’ high school and the girls’ college and high school need 400 chairs. These chairs have right handed clipboards built into the arm rest which students can use to make notes. They are needed to replace lot of broken and beyond repair wooden desks which were supplied by the government thirty years ago. A number of left handed clipboard chairs will also be ordered.

Supply of medicine £5000 (per annum)

Uspar supplies medicine to the Chakswari Rural Health Centre on a regular basis. Our current income level allows us £150 a month to be spent on medicines which last about 12 to 15 days, medicines supplied by the local government lasts only 10 days. The medicine provided is critical to the diseases and ailments of the area. Prior to Uspar supplying medicine, only 60 to 70 patients visited the health centre daily. This has now grown to over 130 people.
Due to the medicines provided lasting for only 25 days, there is a week at the end of each month where there are no available medicines and patients must be turned away with little if any medicine. The majority of the patients are young and poor, often with infants and sick children. The situation has been evaluated and the doctors at the Health Centre have confirmed that a full range of necessary medicine to last month can be provided for £600.

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