What Uspar does

What we do (the mission)

The charity’s main objectives are as follows:

1. To provide adequate educational facilities for the benefit of the deprived children living in the rural area of Chakswari in Kashmir.
2. To relieve sickness and distress and promote good health by assisting the work of the Chakswari Health Clinic, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.

Mission Priority:(girls science education)

There is currently an acute shortage of locally qualified women science teachers and lady doctors:
In comparison with the boys’ education, the girls’ education is at a low ebb in the Chakswari area. This is caused by the availability of very negligible science education in the girls’ schools and colleges. This very fact has lead to an alarming lack of locally qualified women science teachers and lady doctors. We must take some urgent actions now to remedy this problem.

Uspar asks for your donations to achieve this mission priority.
Thank you.

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