How You Can Help

Your help to Uspar’s good causes would be highly appreciated. There are many
options open to you:

A. Keep a collection box: (your little change brings BIG changes in CHAKSWARI)

Leeds, Bradford and Dewsbury area:

To those who run a business (e.g. shop, super store, or a takeaway), can
support us by placing a collection box near cash register. Please ring 0113
2251839 or 0899 803804 and give us your details.

B. Donate a small amount on a regular basis (e.g. every month etc)

C. Donate all of your zakah, sadaqah, fitrana or lillah etc. (applicable to
Muslim brothers and sisters only)

N.B. Please remember to donate Uspar during the month of Ramadan.

D. Help by way of sponsoring an event to raise money (e.g. from organising a
small tea party to run for a marathon or to climb the Mount Everest etc.)

E. Go to the ‘Current Projects’ page under ‘what we do’ and pick up any of the
projects you would like to complete through your personal funding or

F. (please look under ‘Friends scheme’ for more ideas)

For Donations in the UK:

Please donate generously by either paying directly into the bank, Uspar Trust, HABC Bank A/C No 81424165 Sort Code 40-27-14 or,
make cheques or postal orders payable to ‘USPAR’ and post to the above
mentioned address. Please remember to write your name and address on the
reverse of cheques or postal order.

Donate online using Google Checkout

For Donations in Kashmir or Pakistan:

Habib Bank Limited, Chakswari Branch, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir Account Number
2526-58, Title of Account M Haroon for Uspar Transactions

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