Education Activities 2011

Education “Uspar’s Activities 2011

Ch Abdul Karim Degree College Chakswari was supplied with 200 plastic chairs.


Some electrical repair work was done in the Bio lab, to improve their grades; some science students were given free lessons by private tutors.


The College Table Tennis team won the 2nd prize (after a gap of 20 years) from the All Azad Kashmir Colleges Competition, and the players were given cash prizes. This credit goes to the Uspar’s mission because the college games were introduced and financed by the Uspar’s chairman Ch M Haroon in 2009 after a long spell of no-games for 17 years.


Uspar trust sponsored a study tour for the boys of the degree college. In the supervision of the college staff members the tour visited the Khewra Salt Mines and Lahore. The Khewra Salt Mines were discovered during the reign of Alexander The Great and supplied the cooking salt to that part of the world since then. Lahore is one of Pakistan’s historical and cultural centres and one of the most vibrant cities in the sub-continent.

In addition to the above, the Government High School for Boy’s Chakswari was supplied with new steel framed desks for the primary classes.




The Government Girl’s Degree College Chakswari, was funded by Uspar to host the ‘Rehemat-tu-ala-meen’ speech competition and prizes were awarded to the winners. Uspar funded the renovation of the Girl’s school and provided travel expenses for college staff. Two teachers were supplied and paid by Uspar trust to overcome staff shortages. To help girls to attain better grades in science subjects and English language, Uspar trust organised a “free for all” summer camp during the summer holidays. In total 25 girls benefited from this facility and in 2010, 35 girls participated. For the 2012 summer camp, this facility will be extended to boys studying sciences and English language.

The visit of the Prime Minister (Azad Kashmir) Ch Abdul Majid made 2011 a memorable year for the Girls Degree College Chakswari. In her keynote speech the college principleProfessor Sydha Anjum Farzana Bukhari lauded the work done by the Uspar trust.

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