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Uspar is a charity set up to help the people of Chakswari and the surrounding areas in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan). Uspar literally refers to the ‘other side’ of the Mangla Dam development, to the area of Chakswari.

The poor state of the health and education facilities was largely caused by the construction of Mangla Dam and the submerging of the historical town of Mirpur along with over two hundred surrounding villages in the 1960s.

Despite the construction of ‘New Mirpur’ (over 40 miles away) having taken place, the local economy and social fabric of the whole district has been severely disrupted.

This coupled with the recent refugee migration from the long standing conflict in Indian Administered Kashmir and, more recently, the war in Afghanistan has resulted in further decay of services and local amenities.

Political instability and a sharp decline in state funding for all public services over the years has resulted in the area suffering from some of the worst poverty in the Northern sub-continent.

Lives are often lost due to inadequate treatment being available with even common ailments remaining untreated for months.

Education is the key to help the children of the area realise their potential and eventually help the area break free from corruption and poverty. This is a long-term commitment which needs work to start now.

The Institute of Mind Power

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